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image4“How to Use Avidemux” book gives us all the information we need to make great use of Avidemux. It provides a practical tutorial for using all of the Avidemux features to edit our videos, add special effects and subtitles and capture great quality videos from analog sources, and much more. We will also learn how to choose the right settings to get video file sizes down without compromising on the video quality. This book is written by an Avidemux enthusiast for new and intermediate users. It's ideal if we are just starting with video processing and want a powerful and free tool, or if we've already started with Avidemux and want to take it a little bit further.

Avidemux was written in C++, and it uses either GTK+ OR Qt for its user interface.

The software contains many visual effects tools called filters by Avidemux, and it can transcode a video into various formats. Some of these filters were ported from MPlayer and Avisynth.

Avidemux is also capable of adding audio streams into a particular video or even extract audio streams from a video file (Multiplexing and Demuxing).

The important piece of the program design is based on the SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine. A Project with all options, settings, selections, configurations, and preferences also can be saved in a single file called a “Project File” as the well-known software called VirtualDub.

Avidemux also comes with vast and advanced scripting capabilities in both GUI and command line modes.

The program also has a built-in subtitle facility based on both Optical Character Recognition of DVD subtitles and for rendering hard subtitle. Avidemux supports several subtitle formats like SubStation Alpha and SubRip.

We can run the program from a GUI or the command-line interface.

It is a completely standalone program, and it does not require any other program to read, decode or encode a video. There is a built-in libavcodec library, and its programmer uses a Nickname “Mean” on the Avidemux forum.

The software project is open to anyone give many suggestions as wished.

Avidemux has a Multithreading capability implemented where some partially through libavcodec.


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Avidemux is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux systems

Avidemux Tutorial Sample

This is a free sample from "How to Use Avidemux" available for free download.

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