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clapboard 34049Avidemux is an open source free video editor and converter software written in C++ that can be installed on any Windows, Linux or Mac platform.

Although Avidemux is an open source program with a very simple graphical interface, it is a very powerful tool for those who are interesting in nonlinear video editing and video converting. It works with different video formats like AVI, MPEG-2 from DVDs and MPEG-4. It is also capable to deal with different popular audio codecs.

For those with video editing or creation projects that are about to be uploaded to YOUTUBE or other video-sharing websites, AVIDEMUX can be used to convert to a more suitable video format videos obtained from different sources.

Avidemux supports a large range of video file formats. One of the main features of the software is the project save option. Users can save entire projects using their defined configurations. The saved file can be used when editing other projects.

Avidemux Tutorial Sample

This is a free sample from "How to Use Avidemux" available for free download.

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